Practice Areas

  • Structuring commercial operations.
  • Elaboration, negotiation and revision of all kinds of contracts, including purchase and sales, rental and leasing, mortgage, assignments or transfers, provision and distribution agreements, etc. 
  • Legal opinions and viewpoints.
  • Assistance with the design, elaboration, negotiation and implementation of all kinds of corporate agreements and documents such as company incorporation, partners' agreements, records, NDAs, financing, among others.
  • Ongoing advisory in stockholders meetings, board of directors and decision-making in corporate restructuring.
  • Incorporation of Private Interest Foundations.
  • Assistance in negotiating strategic alliances or consortiums for internationalization of foreign companies.
  • Legal and commercial due diligence.  Advisory and structuring of purchase, sales or merger transactions.
  • Revision of international commitments applicable to your company.
  • Identifying possible breaches to valid commercial agreements.
  • Support in the interpretation of regulations of international agreements.
  • Identifying tariff benefits related to the application of commercial agreements.
  • Defining rules for the commercialization of goods and/or services per commercial commitments.
  • Advisory in technical regulations and sanitary and phytosanitary measures.
  • Revision of Central American regulations, including but not limited to, COMIECO resolutions, regional technical regulations, sanitary and phytosanitary measures.
  • Advisory importations and commercialization regulations of consumer products, as well the application of incentives in the production sector.
  • Management of sanitary registration and importation requisites for consumer products.
  • Advisory in the participation of tenders and other procurement acts.
  • Contracts and concessions procedures with the State. 
  • Inquiring technical matters about international trade before competent authorities.
  • Advisory and management before authorities in matters related to maritime and logistic sectors.
  • Handling of authorizations and permits to operate in the country.
  • Advisory, orientation and defense of clients throughout the tax planning against cases, reviews or investigations.
  • Work with national and municipal fiscal authorities to obtain resolutions regarding taxation and tax exemptions, if applicable.
  • Advisory for the application of tax incentives to specific sectors. .
  • Position negotiations and assistance with conflict resolutions via arbitration, conciliation and mediation.
  • Counseling on methods of resolving disputes.
  • Labor audit.  Evaluation of employment contracts and prepartion of internal work code.
  • Visas, immigration permits and personal assistance to expatriate personnel.
  • Advisory and arrangement of documents and technical studies for the establishment of businesses within zones with tax benefits and free zone regimes.
  • Trademark.
  • Assistance in contraband and counterfeit prevention.
  • Advisory in Mining Law and concessions for mineral extraction.
  • Petitions of concessions and permits for hydropower, solar power, biomass and wind power projects. 
  • Identifying unfair trade practices and advisory in activating defense mechanisms against competitors.
  • Development and implementation of Regulatory Risks Plans.

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