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There is an ever-growing need to increase our companies' earnings meanwhile reducing risks associated to the development of new investments or the expansion of a new project. International Trade Advisory Services (ITAS) is a consulting company with a vast experience in the local market, allowing us the opportunity to offer high quality services to companies or industries pursuing new markets, as well as to those with some experience in international trade.

Our intention is allocating our clients goods and services in safe conditions while identifying obstacles and/or opportunities that may possibly arise.

We offer companies and industries integral advisory in order to facilitate important decision-making when embarking on new markets.  We not only search for and analyze new markets, but search for the one fitting your product, taking into account factors such as segment potential and competition.

New market selection is essential for a company's internationalizing process, which in turns determines the success of the export process.  This is the reason why we analyze each case's singularities.

We carry out a quantitative and qualitative commercial research in regards to your needs:

  • Market research based on your products or services.
  • Selection of products or services and market adequacy.
  • Reports on buyers, exporters and importers, and market prices.
  • Behavior on tariff policies and applicable non-tariff measures.
  • Generation of export plans.
  • International competitiveness studies of a determined commercial segment or geographical region with the purpose of formulating guidelines for your international development and projection.
  • Feasibility evaluations on usage and advantage of available incentives schemes.

We provide advisory to companies, guilds and governments participating in international negotiations, covering the legal framework of bilateral, regional and multilateral trade agreements, as well as the scope and effects of several regulatory instruments.   In particular, we offer:

  • Follow up on negotiations processes of the Central American Customs Union (Central American Integration System).
  • Periodic reports regarding any project that may, directly or indirectly, affect the client's business.
  • Participation in meetings arising along the various negotiations processes. 

Ever since the founding of ITAS, we have consolidated special services based on consultancy of foreign-trade related matters, such as:

  • Advisory in interpretation of customs regulations and administrative offenses.
  • Verification process as to the origin and consolidation of cargo from third countries.
  • Customs analysis and solution of conflicts related to the role of export and import companies.
  • Assistance managing tariffs quotas.
  • Management of international claims related to exportation processes.
  • Advisory regarding processes and incentives for the agricultural and industrial sectors.
  • Analysis of investment regimes and best business options. 
  • Investment arbitration mechanisms.

We offer nationwide and international services to companies affected by, or subject to, investigations due to unfair practices (dumping, subsidies, safeguard), or unfair competition or abuse of position, covering all juridical, economic or evidence analysis and their corresponding proceedings before the competent authority.

Food safety and the adoption of sanitary and phytosanitary measures and other technical measures are current natural commercial barriers that may affect importers and exporters.   Understanding its genesis and application is key to the company's success. 

This is the reason why at ITAS we have specialized in analysis, proceeding and interpretation of application processes of these highly important measures in the commercialization of agricultural and industrial products.

We provide effective support inserting companies into the national and international milieu. For this, we offer the following services:

  • Organize business meetings.
  • Client exploration and agenda detailing for commercial missions.
  • Identify opportunities in specific markets.

We are concerned about training companies and guilds so that they can fulfill the requirements in order to take advantage of tariff or regulatory changes that may affect their businesses.  Therefore, we provide the following services:

  • Together with public or private entities (guilds, associations, etc.) we organize seminars and training programs aimed to different economy segments involved with foreign trade and international business.
  • We design foreign trade-specialized programs tailored for our clients', or potential clients', requirements.

For local and international guilds and companies we have developed a service aimed to monitor the business environment in the markets we advise.   This implies:

  • Structuring and developing action plans and legal proposals of interest for our clients or sectors, and lobbying with competent bodies.
  • Documented and immediate supply of information about any kind of regulation that may affect, directly or indirectly, the client's business, including but not limited to, bills, proposals for executive decrees or regulations, administrative or municipal guidelines and national action plans.
  • Follow up on and information regarding the discussion process and approval of regulations in different countries.
  • Monitoring of discussions within regional organisms that addressing topics of interest for our client and results reporting.
  • Strategy proposals to attend the client's regulatory risks.

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